Sunday, May 13, 2007

CSE 7312 Project: Done!

I have a lot of things to do in the coming month with work, school and planning for the marriage so I decided to pound out the rest of this project as soon as possible. After a marathon session over the past week I completed implementation of SysML Ant and even completed the report and the presentation.

SysML Ant performs all of the tasks I set out to implement. It reads in the XML file, identifies the test cases that contain a JUnit test, executes the JUnit tests and updates the file with the results. It is executable from Ant as a task, as a stand alone application or as a library.

The report chronicles the development process including the requirements analysis, design, implementation and test, lessons learned and the future work required to turn it into a production ready tool. With the SysML diagrams, UML class diagram and the source code, the report is over 60 pages in length. However, the actual prose is under 20 pages.

Hurray I'm done. One more project and a final to go.


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