Monday, December 12, 2005

Predator 2, the Novel

OK, so a few months back a group of friends and I went to a local LAN Party place to play some games before heading out to First Saturday. Usually we play Unreal Tournament for awhile before moving on to Call of Duty. Once everyone is good and motion sick we head down town for the sale. This time was different. Instead we decided to play Alien Verses Predator 2. I know, its an old game but it still holds up quite well. From that point, I ended up on an Alien and Predator kick. I went to and bought all the Predator books, and the first few Alien books. My plan is to read through them all, Predator, Alien and Predator vrs. Alien.

Before starting this blog, I had read all but the last of the Predator books. The following is a one line opinion of each:

Predator: Don't bother, the movie is much better
Predator Concrete Jungle: Pretty good read, though not top tier fiction by any measure
Predator Cold War: Better then Concrete Jungle, but still leaving me wanting.
Predator Big Game: Just slightly better then the first book. This is probably because it is a novelization of a graphic novel. I bet the graphic novel kicks butt though.

That brings me to Predator 2. This book is a novelization of the second movie. It is actually very hard to find and sells for a premium. If you find it in a used book store for less then $20, snatch that puppy up and resell it on or eBay. Of the books I've read thus far, it is by far the best. It is the first one that gets inside the head of the Predator itself. Not that there are any surprises there, but it added to the story. It tracks with the movie very closely but the extra detail you can only get from text is worth the read.


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